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»   SEARCH AND FAX: Home Plans America has hundreds of revisions of the plans shown on this website. Revised home plans are slightly more expensive than the base plans. Home Plans America will do an advanced search through its entire inventory and FAX you all plans that meet your requirements. Just email the SEARCH AND FAX form and you will receive results within two business days.
»   MODIFICATIONS: Home Plans America will provide some modifications to its existing plans. These changes include, but are not limited to:
      Right reading reversed plan
    Garage changes
        (2 to 3 car)
        (Front to side entry)
        (Side to front entry)
    Walkout basement (unfinished)
    Alternate elevations (preliminary)
    Alternate elevations
        (finished, with back & ends)
  For any other modification requests, please email us at info@homeplansamerica.com call us at 913-279-0900
»   Custom Home Plan Design: Your requirements and lifestyle are incorporated into custom home plans. The cost is based on the total square footage. For detailed information about this service, please contact Home Plans America and a Custom Plan Package will be sent to you.
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